Me Outside of Tech

I have a lot of other interests outside of software and related technologies. Above all I enjoy spending time with my family and my friends, sharing stories, discussing topics; just existing together.

Me racing in a fixed gear criterium at OSSFEST 2016 in Toronto, Canada (I DNF'd 😆)

I’m a cyclist. I ride on-road, off-road, and track. I ride socially for fun, for fitness, to commute, to challenge myself, to connect with the natural world, and sometimes to reconnect with myself. I belong to Cascade Cycling, a grassroots cycling club some friends and I founded, we hang out at Grupetto a lot… it’s maybe kind of a problem. 😂

I’m a motorist. I love vehicles, I truly enjoy driving and I’m excited by the auto industry. I think electric vehicles and renewable energy sources are the future. I also think that tractor pulls and drifting competitions are a part of that future too! I love tinkering with automobiles, I restored and customized a 1989 Chevrolet S-10 in the early 2000s. It was one of the most resonating learning experiences I’ve had in my life, and it demystified so many things for me.

My customized 1989 Chevrolet S-10 frame-off restoration

I’m a cook. Food is important to me, it humours me, it excites me, it comforts me, relaxes me. Food connects me to people, memories, cultures, and places. Erin does 95% of the cooking in our household, she’s one of the best cooks I know. We love to host parties and share our food and drink with all who can come.

I’m an outdoorsman. I find gardening very satisfying. Hiking through the Dundas Valley, seeing interesting plants and mushrooms growing. Observing all of the different cycles of plants, animals, and insects throughout the year. I’m very interested in trees, they fascinate me with their mycorrhizal networks and defense systems. In another life I totally might have been an arborist. I’ve never hunted, but I’d be curious to observe an experienced hunter one day.

One of the Eastern Redbud trees in my yard at full spring bloom

I’m an artist. I think we all are. I love music of many forms: techno, jazz, metal, punk, hardcore, dancehall, hip hop, classical, etc. I enjoy visual art, and design of many styles and tastes. I am fascinated by all of the different ways we can communicate our emotions, intentions, fears, joys through these mediums, often with great clarity.

I’m an activist. When I am distrusting of someone or something, I am honest and open about it. I don’t see life as a competition to be solely won, I see it as a series of interconnected mutually beneficial goals to be achieved. When I observe injustice, evil, or cruelty: I call it out! I support indigenous rights, human rights, I support women, I support the socially excluded and marginalized.

I’m a husband to Erin, and a father to Rosa. I'm an active member of my community, Dundas, Ontario and Hamilton, Ontario. It is very important to me that I understand the needs of the people, places, and businesses where I live and do whatever I can to help them, and support them. I invest in my community in whatever ways I can, mostly with my time but also financially when possible. This matters to me, Erin, and my friends too.